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Hobgoblin's Hat

by Allysen Callery

1.Tiny Armageddon Tiny Armageddon small enough to fit inside your mouth almost never talk about it there's a certain kind of forgiveness reserve for the soldier given his eyes are appropriately weary given that his body's burdened & broken you don't ask questions What did you see while standing surrounded by death curious to step between the bodies & find your own self laid out amongst them I will see my own startled face each day, when I awake as each morning you must breathe place each foot carefully in sock, in oxblood leather rise up slowly, comb your gold thinning hair walk into the world once more Step outside into the world once more Tiny Armageddon small enough to fit inside your mouth almost never talk about it
2. Jack Jumps Back Jack jumped back from the ledge we had met when his lips had been humid we walked in step past the deer by the ocean singing of sweet mead & selkies & a touch on my forehead meant a kiss or it’s shadow Jack jumped back every word was a flower he was heaping them deep past my perfumed knees were bruised by the blush It was a rush of blood So I’d said walk it don’t run but I’d weep for the loss of what we’d begun Jack jump back through the bittersweet nightshade remember your dreams & when you’re done remember me I swear on my life No, I’ll stay still & quiet velvet dusk brings you twilight velvet dusk brings you twilight remember me singing sweet mead & selkies remember me Bruised by the blush it was a rush of blood Bruised by the blush it was a rush of blood Bruised by the blush it was everything you ever wanted Bruised by the blush it was nothing much
3.Hobgoblin’s Hat You came into our valley One Midsummer’s Day or was it night the children found your Hobgoblin’s Hat floating in the water The children found your Hobgoblin’s Hat & they took it home of course there were some magical changes mostly we enjoyed them the drawing room became a jungle where I was a tiger there We denied our own best friend the King of California & we made him cry but then his mother knew him by his eyes they were small & kind Up there on the moon, what did it look like to you? Riding on the back of a panther with ruby red eyes It was the most beautiful sight If I could give you anything I’d give a queen for your king If I could wish for anything I’d wish a king for your queen Up there on the moon what did it look like to you we thought you thought because it was so much that it was just because but it was just the most beautiful sight
4.Vincenzo Part II Weep or willow you’ll taste my tears tonight whatever breath I have flies helpless behind you whatever light I’d find dances in the dark mosaic pattern of your eyes my house won’t home my heart walks an empty street at night sleeping in doorways without you Vincenzo hold your wife tonight you have a happy home flowers line the driveway die to rise up in Spring I won’t mention this again it was just a dream roll over roll it over go back to sleep Weep or willow you’ll taste my tears tonight whatever breath I have flies helpless behind you
Button Boots 04:35
5.Button Boots They whisper with the heads together wearing black in the Winter brown in the Summer Pomegranates & alabaster behind a cupped hand trickled laughter the great hooded snake slithered hither to taste the soft place behind an ankle… he was soon crushed underfoot, one of them was wearing buttoned boots They’d whisper with their heads together stiff as a board light as a feather lighting candles with wooden matches red is the color of desire green for wealth & blue communion If there was a wolf they didn’t know him If ever was a bear they’d never own him One found a silver mirror given by an old friend it was then they’d never speak again…..
6.Vincenzo Part I Vincenzo come to me without your necktie do you think you’re fooling anyone (that is not your real name) when you were a baby they stole your name they held it shining in the light deciding it too beautiful too bright they wrapped it tight in rushes & reeds pushed it in dark waters Somewhere a prince plays with your name he doesn’t know you & will never know you like I do, I hardly know you at all Once in a million years we fall once in a million years too late too late I fall & I’d fall again So I watch you through the glass as Tantalus & you are all the world to me all the wine the bread the flesh & sweet sweet these things I’ve never tasted & I’d say Oh my nameless one tragedy is beautiful under the stars under your breath whisper to me so she can’t hear you Vincenzo come to me without your necktie I’ll come to you in shadow across all stars & roses come to you across a million years & in each life I’ll love you without trying simple as breathing long to kiss you until I was dead it’s there in that fleeting instance between the darkness and the light I will learn your name then forget everything
Little Star 02:26
7.Little Star Shine down little star show me where you want to go over the hillside & through the woods we will go listen little star tell me what you want to know there it was a red red rose there it was the red red fox where he goes & the red red heart how it broke seemed like rain but the snow it came instead in the dead of dark a guiding light, that’s bright & my candle hands will fill with light
8. Mr. Moonlight Oh I should be sleeping but you keep on speaking to me Mr. Moonlight I can’t close my eyes I can’t close my mind to you Mr. Moonlight 1 AM I stumble to bed the ivy makes shadows that crawl across the ceiling your voice in my head & all left unsaid still what I’d heard was not quite what I’d wanted Mr. Moonlight I can’t close my mind to you 3:00 I can see in the dark we play cat & mouse now but I hold the phone call your voice in my head & all left unsaid everyone on my street will have troubled dreams tonight Mr. Moonlight you push me pull me look right through me & never care to care about me 5 AM & I take a ride I tell myself I’m going looking for the sunrise see your car parked where it should be & for that one moment I’m almost happy turn off the road I turn on the dial & it’s Patsy Cline singing I’m crazy Crazy for feeling so lonely crazy for feeling so blue It’s always the same sometimes got a different name always a different face but it’s always you Mr. Moonlight
Grey Wolf 03:47
9. Grey Wolf I don’t know exactly when I met the grey wolf came loping in sideways from the empty night empty but for one quiet star in the sky & the grey wolf he sang to me by the song he sang I knew him intrinsically & when I looked into his eyes I saw that he knew me very well Within the empty night with it’s one quiet star in the sky I stroked the grey wolf & he leaned in close to me Now the birds have stopped their scolding & the dumbstruck sun surrenders not to greyness or to night but into nothing I don’t know exactly when I met the grey wolf came loping in sideways from the empty night empty but for one quiet star
10.A Ring Around The Moon When you awake read the letters they’d sent only to wait for the rose from the only One standing barefoot in the sunlit room polish the silver amulet or the moonstone earrings but never a ring say rings make your fingers ache rings make the heart constrict but a ring around the moon means I love you where you lay your head it’s your chest I am breathing in the sleep of little children in the woods A ring around the moon & I love you


"Allysen Callery might be the Tim Burton of folk music, her dark songs often transporting us to somewhere otherworldly. Allysen Callery has one of those unmistakable voices, soft and sometimes child-like, supported by fingerpicked nylon string guitar. Her songs lurk about in that airy, brooding, immaginitive space of tigers and kings, the stuff of fairytales. Reminds me of fellow New Englander Marissa Nadler's songs. Highly recommended" - Call It Folk (May 01, 2010)


released February 14, 2010

Produced and recorded by Myles Baer at Black Hole Sound Studios
All songs written by Allysen Callery
Allysen Callery- vocals , nylon string guitar
Myles Baer- electric guitar, Hammond
Brendan Whipple- bass
Jared Smith- Moog

Hobgoblin's Hat was written for & inspired by the Finn/Swede writer Tove Jansson , who was a huge influence on me.


all rights reserved



Allysen Callery Rhode Island

" Her lilting voice and heartfelt lyrics are eerily close to the work of the late British songstress Sandy Denny, the highest compliment I could hand down to this brilliant artist."- Paste Magazine

Allysen Callery is a self-taught folk artist from Bristol, Rhode Island. Growing up she was heavily influenced by her parent's British Isles Folk Revival records of the late 60′s early 70′s .
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